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Weather Song



Hafnarborg Museum | 2009



Installation of video and light projection, music, glass, relection and paint.



Oddný Eir

In the audiovisual installation Guðrún, in collaboration with composer Hróðmar I. Sigurbjörnsson combines a layered world of snow and poetry. The chantor Steindór Andersen chants verses that Guðrún chose from a national collection of rhymes. The words picture anxiety during days of winter; a journey over a frozen landscape, with the aim to bring hope with poetry; the charm of dwelling in the mountains; and the sounds of spring that touch the heart.



In the Icelandic tradition of chanting rhymes, each individual has his own rhyme-melody or tune which he can apply to various verses or longer poems.
Walking among the mountains in the snow, in the wind, in the fog, in the rain, humming one’s tune, the circular rhythm of the tune rhymes with the alternating weather.
Gudrún Kristjánsdóttir gives prominence to the cyclical movement of nature. In her research on what she calls weather writing she focuses on the impermanent patterns and forms that appear on the hillsides in time of thaw or as the seasons change: Letters and words appear and disappear. To be read and accorded to one’s tune.

Oddný Eir