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Weather Bureau



Hafnarborg Museum | 2009



Installation composed of desks, sketches, projectors, prints,
samples of paintings and a blueness mural.

The Weather Bureau project is a collaboration of Guðrún Kristjánsdóttir and her arthouse publisher Apaflasa. The installation is an invitation to Gudrun’s way of looking; an invitation into her laboratory where she has been researching the still and the movement, the distant and the near, the writing and the effacing in the process of the constantly changing weather in Iceland.


Gudrun’s reading of the land becomes playfully absurd, poetic, sometimes political but always visually challenging. With her works she creates an environment, inviting the viewer to stand as within the movement of changing weather, to rhyme with strong currents of nature within.


The process was a part of an ongoing process of the making of Gudrun’s artist book to be published in 2010. The project is an attempt to activate both sides of the brain while reading of the weathered land.