Gudrun Kristjansdottir is working intensively on her exhibition projects in Iceland and all over Europe, in America and Asia. For over twenty years she has been active as an artist and also as a curator, editor, lecturer and leader of the Icelandic union of artists. She has received many grants and awards, notably from the respected Pollock-Krasner fund for her painting- technique, which involves layering in developing of an old method. Gudrun Kristjansdottir’s personal view on nature evolves around the constant weather and light changes in Iceland. She frames the everyday landscape of altering imprints and in aim of recreating the perpetual movement of nature she is merging medias. In her installation she intertwines paintings and videos, murals and light, reflections, wallpapers, sculptures, prints, photos and music to create an ambient environment, highlighting the complex relationship between perception, art and nature.